Virtual - STEM - Chain Reactions

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General Interest, STEM

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Youth , Family

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Drop-in STEM brought to you by Ms. Carrie. Follow the directions to build your own chain reactions using a variety of fun materials. Explore force, momentum and gravity. 

Have you ever set up dominoes just to watch them fall?

Meet a domino artist who builds amazing chain reactions.

Watch 50,000 dominoes and chain reactions!

What does force, momentum, and gravity have to do with it?

Lily Hevesh uses physics to create her domino displays. 

Watch 73,000 LEGO bricks of dominoes topple!

Watch Professor Stephen Morris knock down a domino

over 3 feet tall and weighing over 100 pounds!

Watch Seattle Public Library use books!

Show us what you make! Share on Facebook or Twitter #clpleverywhere